Cycle touring with a fixed base - doing cycling holidays differently

Welcome to 'VeloTours' - a new company with the idea that cycling holidays shouldn't be nomadic!

We prefer our home comforts and that includes knowing that your destination is a comfy bed, great shower and wonderful food. It also includes not packing/unpacking every day. We like to think we're offering a truly different cycling holiday experience!

What's different about our guided bicycle touring holidays?

Our aim is to provide simple, affordable, guided cycling holidays in some great locations, without the hassle of moving from one overnight location to the next. We will be focusing on some stunning locations in France and Italy, together with destinations around the UK.

Our 'target' client demographic is broad, but we hope to bring together like-minded cyclists who wish to explore an area by bike as part of a small group. One of our ambitions is to make our cycling holidays enjoyable both in and out of the saddle, with the social side of our experience just as important as the miles (or kilometres) covered each day.

First timers are welcome to join our cycling holidays - we aren't aiming our tours at the mountain goats that would seek out the steepest climbs, nor are our packages aimed at people looking for a training camp environment. That's right, our group cycling holiday experiences really are achievable for all levels of cyclist.

To find out where we're going with our tours, click on the tiles below and explore our cycling holidays:

I've never been on a guided cycle holiday - what can I expect?

Our tours are designed to work with a group sized from 2 to 10 guests. Each tour will have a ride leader, who acts a bit like a rep on a package tour but will also have all of our routes pre-programmed into his (or her) bike computer and will also have already ridden the routes so knows where to point out landmarks and other points of interest. They'll also know where you're headed for dinner each evening and some of the best places to stop for lunch!

As we have said elsewhere, our guided cycling holidays are targeted at people of all abilities - so routes will range from 20 to 50 miles with an average speed of around 8 to 10mph. Nothing that isn't achievable by most leisure cyclists. Days on the bike will generally start around 10-10.30 with a break for lunch, returning to our accommodation mid-late afternoon depending on the route length - and the points of interest along the way.

We only offer a small number of cycle tours

We're starting small - and that's by design. Our management will be accompanying EVERY one of our small group cycling holidays in the first 2 years - so that we experience every little detail of the packages we are offering, and can make any changes accordingly. That could even include changes 'on the wheel' so to speak, where perhaps our route planning could be improved (even though we will have tried every property and route before we let clients loose on the tour!).

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For 2018 our cycling holidays focus on France, and take in some spectacular scenery as we travel around the regions. From June in Picardie, to September and October in Normandy, the south & South West of France, you can be assured on some great food, fabulous roads, and glorious views. With a bit of luck we'll also get to see some grape harvesting as we pass through wine-growing regions in Beajolais and Lot et Garonne. Just check out our French cycle holidays and tours.

Click through and see our French touring diary for 2018

So it's time to dust off that bike, clean up the chain and cassette, check the brakes, pump up the tyres and hit the road on one of our small-group guided cycling holidays.

Want to join our small-group cycling holidays but don't have a bike?

Do you want to join us on a cycling holiday, but don't have a suitable bike? Then get in touch - we can probably still help! Many of the properties we will be using (at least in France) have bicycle hire available. They aren't necessarily the most stylish bikes on the road, but they'll still get you up and down most of the roads we're headed for!

What do we mean by a small group cycling holiday?

Our small group cycling holiday packages are aimed at a maximum group size of just 10 guests. In addition we will have 1 or 2 hosts and ride leaders along to run the trip for you and ensure that you receive all assistance along the way. Think of these hosts as reps in a holiday resort - but with the added benefit that they will be with you almost every step of the way - and aren't tasked with selling you upgrades and additions. In fact, they're there to lead the rides, and to pay the bills at dinner!

Note that, even if there are just 2 people booked on a tour it will still go ahead - although you may wish (and we will give you the option) to switch your booking to another event.

Our hosts are not just any old rep either - hosts will be fairly experienced cyclists who have been to the destination previously and have been involved in the route planning. They will also have some basic bike maintenance skills (and a general tool kit).

Want to join us but not sure if our tours are right for you?

We want our cycle tours to be accessible to the widest possible audience. We have a few stipulations - such as you shall wear a cycle helmet - but we won't specifically tell you that you must (or that you can't) use a particular type of bike although our routes are almost exclusively on well surfaced rural roads. If you want to find out more, check out our FAQs or call us on 01273 930199 and we'll talk you through our aims and answer any questions you have.


To find out where we're going with our tours, click on the tiles below and explore our cycling holidays: